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La Vie Psychology and Sexology is experienced in working with foreign clients and expats. The therapy sessions can be in either English or Dutch. Furthermore, the company embraces all cultures and nationalities.  Psychologist Kim Veltkamp, has traveled all over the world and worked with several consultancies, before starting her own company. With this life experience she hopes to inspire and help other people.

For who
At La Vie we can help you with, for example:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Problems at work, social contacts or (intimate) relationships
  • Sexual problems like vaginismus, gender identity problems or problems in accepting sexual preferences.
  • Problems with emotion regulation, irritability
  • Burnout or stress
  • General coaching, improving your quality of life by exploring and expanding your personal qualities.  

    Session can be online (videocall) or face-2-face.

Psychologist Kim Veltkamp
I´am a certified psychologist, and graduated cum laude with a major in clinical psychology. Hereafter, I started to work as a psychologist and counselor at a non-profit organization. My goal for my own clinic La Vie is to create an environment of positivism, acceptance and respect.  Therapy is one of the most personal experiences you can have. I do not take the vulnerabilities you have lightly as you reflect on yourself and the hopes you have. My work is heart centered an focused on your abilities instead of flaws. I offer an integrative and elective approach on therapy. I use evidence based methods utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and positive psychology. 

La Vie has currently no waiting list.